About Us

After several years in the industry installing and servicing turbines we were constantly be asked if we could supply a used unit, so not wanting to let them down we were able to supply a few units. From there on in we have decided to match buyers and sellers through our website.

About Second Hand Wind Turbines

We will always try to ensure what is sold through our website is in a good condition and is safe for use, but this is something the buyer and seller must agree on. We can offer a strip down service or an installation service to the buyer or seller so please ask for further information.

What we can offer our buyers and sellers

  • Sell to registered buyers
  • Buy with confidence
  • Free estimates to strip existing machine
  • Free estimate to install your turbine
  • Low registration cost

Machine Types

We can offer various turbines all year, with regular changing stock. If you wish us to let you know the type of turbine you want is for sale we can alert you of its availability once you have registered